Underwater Boat Bottom Cleaning & Detailing of Dunedin, Florida

Bottom Cleaning Services

We hand rub the complete bottom of your vessel. We remove any and all barnacles they may started growing.

We clean all running gear, clean and check all electronics, clean and check all through-holes.

We monitor your paint condition and zincs. We remove and replace zincs when they are 60% to 80% gone, labor plus the cost of zinc.

Emergency Dive Services

Propeller removal and replacement, line and other items removed from running gear, lost item recovery,

Salvage services for any and all vessels, automobile, and aeroplanes.

Dock systems and seawall inspection and cleaning and wrapping dock poles


Boat Detailing

We offer a complete variety of services in the water, on your lift, or on your trailer. With Weekly / Monthly topside wash downs to full detailing. 

Wash Downs *

Rinse complete boat exposed the weather from rub rail and up, wash all surfaces with boat soap and brushes, rinse again, and towel dry.

Basic Detail *

A basic detailing includes a wash, cleaner compound with high speed buffer on all smooth surfaces, polymer wax on all smooth surfaces, vinyl, stainless steel, and non skid surfaces cleaned and treated *

Extensive Detailing *

Includes a wash, two step compounding with a high speed buffer, wax on all smooth surfaces, vinyl, stainless steel, and non skid surfaces cleaned and treated *

Interior Cleaning *

All surfaces cleaned, heads, galley's, state rooms, and carpets. Engine rooms and etc. 

Contact us in Dunedin, Florida, to arrange for regular cleaning maintenance of your vessel.

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