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Ensure your pilings, dock systems, and Vessel are efficiently maintained with marine services from Bottom Scratchers of Dunedin, Florida.

We offer TidesSlide sales and service for hurricane protection and dock mooring, along with Flex Fenders. We use Poly Shield® technology to protect from marine borers that will cause deterioration and damage.

Dock - Dock Repairs



Dock - Dock Repairs

 Dont let marine borers do this to your

dock system.

We have seen this around our Tri-county area


Dock Pole Wrapping / Pile Wrapping

Guard your marine investment with our help. We provide Poly Shield® Pile Wrap for docks and piling from marine borers. This product is a high-density polyethylene material that is .030" thick, and ensures environmental protection from chemicals.


Marine Borers

The greatest concern for deterioration is caused by collective organisms known as marine borers. Once the marine borer has infiltrated an untreated marine piling, it is only a matter of time before the entire structure will become infested, weaken, and collapse.

Our Poly Shield technology serves as a "non-polluting" construction product. This is safe, and has been approved by the following organizations:

   •  US Fish and Wildlife®
   •  National Marine Fisheries®
   •  US Army Corp of Engineers®
   •  New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection®
   •  National Park Service®
   •  Food and Drug Administration® (FDA)


To have our safeguard device secured to your dock poles, we use 1-1/4" stainless steel ring-shank nails for piling wrap. For best results, we start 2" in the sand or mud and top off at 12" above high tide, or the bottom of the dock system. Nails are installed every 4" along the seams. Our pile wrap is only available in black color because of its high UV rating.

Installation is started with an inspection of your piling by probing them to ensure their integrity. We then remove most marina hard growth. We Shrink Wrap the dock pole to greatly reduce the water flow that carries the marine borers. Then installing Poly Shield to completely encase your dock poles and to protect the shrink wrap. As an extra to ensure your investment is holding strong, we provide regularly scheduled maintenance program to clean new exterior hard growth from pile wrap. Keeping the exterior cleaned of hard growth will help prevent human injury from falling in the water next to your dock poles and or damages to the hull of your vessel if you happen to rub your dock poles. Maintenance depends on your schedule, and can occur quarterly or at your request.

Dock Repairs

With years of experience in construction and remolding, we can handle most deck and dock repairs, dock re-surfacing, and Davit installation.

Dock and Deck Repairs

Have us install the innovated Flex Fenders®. These devices are made of a strong, flexible material to allow your boat to dock without hitting the dock or dock poles. Flex Fenders also save your boat from damages caused by high winds. Contact us to learn more about prices and installation.

Flex Fenders



Slidemoor - Remarkable product!

TideSlides - (See info below)



We first saw this product (TideSlide) at the St. Pete. Boat show 2003 and we were very impressed with the concept and the materials. After the number of storms we went through in the hurricane season of 2004 and the damage I saw up and down the coast, I wanted to know more about this product. I did research and found that the TideSlide product, a hurricane mooring system, had gone through 12 named storms and none of the vessels using this system had any damage. Because we have a deep appreciation for our customers and the vessels that they own, the information that I received was enough to convince me to become an authorized dealer and installer of this product. TideSlides eliminates the slack line necessary in conventional tie-up. No more guesswork on how long the lines need to be for any given tide. Simply, pull up to the dock and tie-up with nice snug lines. That's it! With no slack in the lines, excess energy is not generated with your boat springing against the lines. TideSlides vertical movement absorbs the built up energy and allows your boat to be safely and securely held while winds, waves and tide do their thing.


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